About Us

Who is ICTV

ICTV is a non-profit cooperative, community television production office. We
offer training and equipment for the production of television that reflects the local community. ICTV offers a place for voices and ideas that are excluded from the commercial and public broadcast systems. ICTV programming airs onĀ Shaw Cable 4 in the Lower Mainland.

Our program policy encourages programming by and for those most under-
represented by commercial media. Our programming emphasizes local issues and stories, community development, undercovered news, and local arts.

There are lots of stories and events taking place in our communities and ICTV is
the place where the story can be told. If you know of a story that you think should be told on television, call us. ICTV also supports local artists. If you are an artist who would like to promote an event (theatre, art opening, performance, music, spoken word), let us know and we’ll do what we can to promote it.

Deregulation of Community Television in Canada

In 2002, the CRTC reinstated regulations requiring cable companies to allow citizen access to the local community channel. ICTV facilitates that access by providing the equipment and training required to make community television.

The airwaves are owned by all of us, but in practice, few choose what actually goes on the air. Advertisers set the rules in commercial broadcasting. Community television is the one place where stories can be told free of corporate influence.

If you feel that your concerns and ideas and values are not accurately portrayed on commercial television, then community access television offers you the opportunity to make something better.

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