Airs Saturdays at 12:30am

Hosted and Produced by Roberta Power

Roberta Power grew up in Pitt Meadows, B.C. and attended Pitt Meadows Elementary and Secondary school.  In her grade 12 year, her fellow grads/yearbook committee made some predictions about her future and wrote in her annual:  “Roberta will become a stand-up comedian and Eddy Murphy will be her opening act.”  Roberta had always had dreams of one day being famous, but deep down she knew she was just too offbeat for that kind of lifestyle.  Roberta is now an English teacher by day.  She feels very fortunate to also be doing Loser’s Advocate from her living room at ‘night’ where she explores her vulnerabilities, emotions, mishaps,  disappointments, and her readings in psychology about becoming more one’s true self.  
      Roberta has never taken a single singing lesson.  While she realizes some viewers turn down the volume as soon as she starts to belt out a tune rather badly, she wants everyone to get in touch with their own inner star, and especially their voice and their perspective.  Originally Roberta was going to play the actual musical artist’s song on air, but copyright issues and her higher low-class status prevented her from doing that.  To date, Roberta has written and produced 12 episodes of Loser’s Advocate, and her plan is to keep making dozens more. 


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