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The purpose of ICTV is to allow people in communities to make and broadcast television that accurately reflects the values, celebrations and lives of the people who live in those communities. This stems from a belief in the fundamental importance of television in shaping our ideas, our visions of ourselves and our neighbours, and our ability to respond to the changing needs of the communities where we live in healthy and informed ways.

ICTV’s mandate is to create the opportunity for “public access television”. ICTV offers training and access to equipment so that individual members of the community can make television that is relevant to their lives. The content of television made through ICTV is determined by the members.

The focus of our programming is on local events, local people, local concerns, local arts and community building. Public access television allows us to present our communities as they really are – the good and the bad without the distortion that often occurs in commercial and corporate programming.

Community television is a very real source of alternative information about the communities where we live and the world around us.

If you want to be involved please contact us.

email: ictv[at]

phone: 604-878-7966

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