Airs Tuesdays 3:00pm and Saturdays at 4pm

Hosted and Produced by Liz Smith

An ambitious women, mother and hairstylist turned, writer, TV host slash producer .I called it multitasking. I started with community TV back in the Rogers TV day’s .In the mid eighties. When Pastor Dick and Me were the only 2 cable shows. Mine being a make- over show, called MILD TO WILD LIFE STYLING HAIR STYLING, WOW THATS A Mouthful.

I juggled that with writing for the local tri-cities, Sunday addition. I had my own news column. It was fun. But there also was another name ,for juggling so much .Yup your right ADD .No not add BUT ATTENTION DEFFICET .Working it to my advantage for a long time I began to recognize that i was a visual person and not an academic person at a very young age. And my beliefs’ from a child where somewhat different than most. Ya think!!!!!

It’s been challenging at time but once diagnose with it u can educate yourself and with other resources and really become too see great results and living a great life. I have learned to have the world fit me instead of fitting into the world. Wow how wonderful life can be. We are all different made up from different opinions and perspective. This is just one mine.  Writing poetry since a young child, modelling as well. I found those jobs find the mold. Hair styling came easy for me as well as make-up. I did most all of it. I enjoyed doing the total make-over. Like with TV, enjoying the knowledge of knowing.

With the opportunity with community television and that through ICTV who help paved the way for community access producers up to date. There is now still hope for the publics community’s to take part and have there say. And I have a lot to say. I enjoy animals and have a passion for them; too many dogs and a horse seem to always through my life be a part of me. Letting it go is like letting a piece of me go. So somehow i go on. My animals have been my constant and best friends.

With the show IN MOTION WITH TV 4 I am able to breath and bring the wants of the community.

To and through the eyes of the television viewers to their TVs, to entertain, educate, and enjoy. Weather it is hot rod, horses or Harleys, shooting a riffle or golfing, and maybe the cat lady. I am here to bring it to you the story. In or out of the studio.

Enter the journey with us and have a wonderful feeling of participating to your community and TELL A STORY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE

What’s your story? I want to hear it! Email me for a chance to bring your story to SHAW 4 AND YOU TELLING IT!    Subject line, my story [email protected]


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